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Market Research Basics: Accessing Information

This is important information for you to know about how to access information from library databases and from the open web.

Reports & data for market research can be found in articles in trade, scholarly, and popular press publications and reports from various organizations. This material is usually really expensive. This module will introduce you to a few business databases that are available to you through libraries. On pages for different topics, you'll find links to relevant databases that can be accessed through the UNC Libraries, North Carolina public libraries, and the open web.

Follow these instructions to get access before progressing through the module. On the self-check pages, you will be asked to complete database and web searches and answer questions.

Getting Library Databases

If you are a current UNC affiliate (student, faculty, or staff):

  1. Go to the list of business databases on the UNC Library website.
  2. Click on the database title. You'll be prompted to sign in with your ONYEN.

If you have a North Carolina public library card:

  1. Have your public library card number and PIN handy.
  2. Go to NClive.orgNCLive
  3. In top right corner, select "LOG IN TO YOUR LIBRARY"
  4. Follow the instructions to log in.Here is a full list of NCLive member libraries.

Find information for free.

There is an increasing amount of open access research. (Open access means that it's not behind a paywall.) Install the Unpaywall browser extension that searches the web for freely available articles as you search.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get the extension"
  3. UnPaywall will provide links for free full-text articles when available
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