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Market Research Basics: Advanced Web Searching

Advanced Web Searching

Searching the open web is an important part of your research strategy.

Using advanced search techniques in Google will help you find relevant information and data more quickly.

Limiting search results to a domain: (the domain is the last three letters of a URL, like '.com' or '.org')

  • [your keyword] site:[domain]
  • restaurant associations

Limiting search results to a specific website:

  • [your keyword] site:[URL]
  • consumer expenditure

This search tip is especially helpful for finding articles in a specific trade publication.

Example: searching in Publishing Perspectives (which I discovered by a simple Google search). Let's say I'm looking for information on children's literature publishing. My search string would look like this:

  • children site:

Take a Self-Paced Online Course

Power Searching with Google is a self-paced online class where you can learn to be a more effective and efficient web searcher.

Unit 3 covers Advanced Techniques.


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