Search Strategies for Common Research Topics

This page has search strategies created by the pharmacy librarian for searching PubMed. These strategies can be used alone or combined with other search terms to find relevant literature. However, these strategies have not been formally validated and should not be used for systematic reviews or practice guidelines without first consulting with the librarian. 

Pharmacy Search Terms


(Pharmacy[MeSH] OR Pharmacies[MeSH] OR Pharmacists[MeSH] OR pharmacy[tiab] OR pharmacies[tiab] OR pharmacists[tiab] OR pharmacist[tiab] OR pharmd[tiab])

For additional articles, consider adding:

(pharmacologic[tiab] OR pharmacological[tiab] OR pharmacologically[tiab] OR pharmacology[tiab] OR pharmacovigilance[tiab] OR pharmacologist[tiab] OR pharmacologists[tiab] OR pharmaceutic[tiab] OR pharmaceutics[tiab] OR pharmaceutical[tiab] OR pharmaceuticals[tiab])


('pharmacy (shop)'/exp OR 'clinical pharmacy'/exp OR 'pharmacist'/exp OR pharmacy:ti,ab OR pharmacies:ti,ab OR pharmacists:ti,ab OR pharmacist:ti,ab OR pharmD:ti,ab)

For additional articles, consider adding:

(pharmacologic:ti,ab OR pharmacological:ti,ab OR pharmacologically:ti,ab OR pharmacology:ti,ab OR pharmacovigilance:ti,ab OR pharmacologist:ti,ab OR pharmacologists:ti,ab OR pharmaceutic:ti,ab OR pharmaceutics:ti,ab OR pharmaceutical:ti,ab OR pharmaceuticals:ti,ab)

COVID-19 Search Terms


("COVID-19"[Mesh] OR "SARS-CoV-2"[Mesh] OR "COVID-19 Testing"[Mesh] OR 2019-nCoV[All Fields] OR 2019nCoV[All Fields] OR COVID-19[All Fields] OR COVID-2019[All Fields] OR COVID-19s[All Fields] OR COVID[TiAb] OR COVID*[Ti] OR COVID19[All Fields] OR CoV-19[All Fields] OR SARS-CoV-2[All Fields] OR SARS-COV2[All Fields] OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2"[All Fields] OR "COVID-19 Vaccines"[Mesh] OR "Coronavirus Disease 2019"[All Fields] OR (Coronavirus*[All Fields] AND pandemic[All Fields]) OR "COVID-19 Serological Testing"[Mesh] OR "COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Testing"[Mesh] OR "SARS-CoV-2 variants" [Supplementary Concept] OR "spike protein, SARS-CoV-2" [Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 serotherapy" [Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 breakthrough infections" [Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 drug treatment" [Supplementary Concept] OR "SARS-CoV-2 inactivated vaccines" [Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 stress syndrome" [Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 post-intensive care syndrome" [Supplementary Concept] OR "post-acute COVID-19 syndrome" [Supplementary Concept]) AND 2019:2022[pdat] AND English[lang]