Sciwheel (formerly F1000 Workspace)

F1000Workspace became Sciwheel (Spring 2020)


Spring 2020, F1000Workspace became Sciwheel.  Tools and functionality are the same - just a new look.

Your account should re-direct with no issues. 

If you have bookmarked the sign-in page, change it to the following: 

You can continue to use the F1000 Workspace-branded mobile app. Search for it as either F1000 in the app store, for now. It continues to be F1000 branded during the transition (Google/Android version also says Sciwheel in small print).  undefined

Stay tuned for further informationSciwheel support is active on chat during transition: F1000W chat support

Maintain Off-campus Institutional Access

Sciwheel (formerly F1000Workspace) typically requires users to log into their accounts from a campus IP address once every 60 days io retain institutional access. If you are working remotely, here are two ways to maintain your institutional access (don't worry--all of your citations will still be there!)

1) Sign in via a Sciwheel/F1000W link on the library website .  It takes you through the proxy server, and you will authenticate with UNC's single sign-on (SSO) using your ONYEN and password (as for other resources from off-campus), so you won't need your access extended manually.

2) If you see an 'x days left' message pop up and you're not able to sign in from campus, sign in via a Sciwheel link on the library website).  If that doesn't work, message F1000's customer support directly using the internal blue and white chat button F1000W chat support at the bottom right corner of your your browser window (you may not see this if you are blocking ads or trackers), or just email them and they will be happy to help you keep your institutional subscription active. In the meantime, you will NOT lose access to your account or to any citations in your account.

  • NOTE from Sciwheel/F1000W: if users are still seeing the 'x days left' popup and they use the proxy to verify, it doesn't register immediately. They'll get access immediately, but the popup will only disappear if they log out and back in. Admittedly that's a bit confusing (I've had a couple of users saying the proxy didn't work because they were still seeing the popup) and we'll work on improving this, but something to be aware of in the meantime. 
  • In the case where you're a new user with a subscribing institution, but you're unable to get the subscription via your library's link, we can provide complimentary subscriptions to cover you. Please contact us if this is the case for you."

Welcome to Sciwheel, formerly F1000Workspace


Login to an existing Sciwheel(F1000W) account.

Sciwheel is a unified space for writing, collecting, citing, & sharing scientific literature. It features a web-based application, a browser extension, a Word plugin, and a desktop app. 

Sciwheel (formerly F1000Workspace) Help Documents

Sciwheel Tools

  • Web based application: The main Sciwheel website--manage, store, share your references from any computer.
  • Browser extension: Collect & annotate references as you discover them online. More info on the browser extension
    • We recommend against using with the Edge browser at this time.
  • Microsoft Word plugin: Find & insert citations; generate bibliographies; save manuscripts with version control to Sciwheel. More info on the Word plugin
  • Desktop app: Desktop PDF importer with watch folder to automatically save PDFs and their citation data. More info on the desktop app
  • Google Docs add-on: Find & insert citations; generate bibliographies.  More info on the Google Docs add-on
  • For Macs, the Manuscript plugin (suspended awaiting version 2.0). Works with iOS app word processing program (like MS Word) that has various features to help with research papers.  More info on the Manuscript plugin

Sciwheel also integrates F1000Prime, the literature recommendation service powered by F1000’s Faculty of experts in all areas of Biology and Medicine (now reaching 11,000 members). The former F1000Research, F1000’s Open Science publishing platform which offers immediate publication followed by thorough, transparent post-publication peer review, has been acquired by Taylor & Francis/Informa publishers.

Download the SciWheel Mobile App:
For Android devices (v7 onwards) and iPhones/iPads (iOS v12 onwards) 

Get it on Google Play


User Manual (.pdf)

Registration & Set-Up