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Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy Resources: Databases

NEW! OT Search Database from AOTA/AOTF

Access back to normal 6-1-16.

OT Search

The Occupational Therapy Bibliographic System from AOTA and AOTF

NOTE: Links in this database to AJOT (American Journal of Occupational Therapy) do not link to UNC's AJOT subscription.  For other (non-AJOT)  journals that HSL licenses electronically, use "url" links from OT Search results. 

  • For AJOT use citation information from OT Search to locate AJOT articles: 
    • For 2006-present, AJOT electronically received by HSL.
      • Use citation information (title, author, etc.) to find article in UNC databases (e.g, ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health, CINAHL, PubMed, Google Scholar, PsycARTICLES)
      • OR Find AJOT directly via this guide, UNC e-journals or catalog and navigate to desired issue. 
    • For pre 2006:  AJOT available IN PRINT at HSL (4th floor) for 1947 (v1) through 2012 (v66)

Anatomy & Physiology Resources

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Other Core Databases for OS/OT

Search for Leisure or recreation related topics (incling history)

Some potential search terms (check each database's subject headings or thesaurus for more):

  • amusements
  • games
  • hobbies
  • leisure or leisure time
  • recreation
  • recreational activities
  • relaxation

Some databases to try, depending upon the focus of your search:

See, also:


More guides from Main Library & HSL

To broaden your research, use E-Research by Discipline  from Davis Library and the additional HSL guides, below.

  • Each E-Research Discipline includes librarian contacts, databases, e-journals, guides, related resources.

Aids for Organizing Your Search

Use this guide to help visualize and plan your search:

Use this log to keep your search organized and to document your search strategy for reporting:

Learn More about Using Databases

Don't forget, Ask-a-Librarian when you have difficulty finding what you're looking for in a database.

Don't forget, many databases have a link to help files as part of their search screens.

Boolean Basics for Searching

Boolean (boo'-le-an) searching helps you find less (narrows) or find more (broadens) results when you search in many databases and Web search engines. Boolean searching depends on the use of three terms: AND, OR, and NOT. Enter these terms in ALL CAPS because many search engines are case sensitive for these terms.