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Online Statistical Information for the UNC Law Community

This guide contains information about statistical databases that may be of use to the UNC law community.

What Is in This Guide?

Using Online Statistical Databases

Online Statistical Information for the UNC Law Community

This guide organizes online statistical sources by topic that may be of interest to members of the UNC Law community.  The guide links to both legal and non-legal statistical resources.  In addition to general and national resources, the guide also includes North Carolina resources, which are listed under the relevant topic.  Although intended for the UNC Law community, all of these resources are either free on the web or available to the greater UNC Chapel Hill community (some of the latter are accessible on public UNC Chapel Hill computer terminals).  Some of the resources are easier to use than others, and some resources require special statistical software, creating a free account, and/or agreeing to restrictions on use in order to access the data.  Credit for providing links to most of the resources in this guide is due to the following: UNC Libraries' E Research by Discipline page [particularly the "Statistics (Numeric Data)" page], the State Library of North Carolina's Data Resources Guide: Statistics by Subject page, Georgetown Law Library's Criminal Law and Justice and Supreme Court research guides, and UNC Law Library's Empirical Research Support page.  For UNC Law faculty who need further information and assistance for empirical legal research, please see the Empirical Research Support page.

The UNC Research Hub has a number of resources available to the UNC community as well.  They can assist with data visualization and data management.  For additional information regarding the resources they have available to assist with research, please visit the UNC Research Hub website.  The Odum Institute for Research in Social Science also has a number of resources available to the UNC community for social science research.  Please visit the Odum Institute’s website for additional information regarding their research support services.