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PubMed's Journal Database will find the full journal title for a journal abbreviation.

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In the Library:

  • Search the Libraries' Catalog to find a journal.
  • Journals in HSL are arranged alphabetically by title.
  • Journal volumes published after 1990 are on the 4th floor in the HSL; older volumes are in the basement.

Outside the Library:

Open Access at UNC Chapel Hill

In April 2015 UNC’s Faculty Council went a step further and passed a  Resolution on Endorsing an Open Access Policy.   The goals of the policy are:

  • To allow the fruits of faculty research and scholarship to be disseminated as widely as possible.
  • To protect the intellectual property rights of faculty while respecting the diversity of scholarly. communication practices across the university
  • To achieve these goals  with a (narrow) rights-retention policy.

In order to help faculty comply with this resolution and provide a repository for non-faculty university authors, University Library staff have  developed self-submission functionality for the Carolina Digital Repository (CDR).

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