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Legal Treatises by Subject

In this guide you will find general resources for various fields of law arranged alphabetically.

Antitrust/Trade Regulation

Allen, Noel Lee. North Carolina Unfair Business Practices. 3rd ed. Newark NJ : LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2004 (2019 Supplement) [KFN7630 .A95] (Reserve Room) [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This treatise focuses narrowly on North Carolina’s General Statute § 75-1.1, which prohibits unfair business practices. The many cases, exceptions, exemptions and other materials which interpret and apply the law are discussed.

Areeda, Phillip E et al. Antitrust Law : An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application. New York : Aspen Law & Business, 2013 (2019 Supplement) [KF1649 .A8].

A multivolume set, Antitrust Law has been cited by the courts on principles of antitrust law. It covers, among other topics, intellectual property and antitrust, predatory pricing, antitrust issues in certain areas (such as healthcare and media), territorial customer limitation, and contractual arbitration provisions. It cites extensively to relevant primary law in support of its analysis.

Holmes, William C. et al. Antitrust Law Handbook. New York, NY : Boardman Co., 1983- (2019 Supplement) [KF1632.5 .A57] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This treatise covers recent developments in antitrust law, and has extensive analysis on the implications and effects of major legislation (e.g. The Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, the Robinson-Patman Act). The work also covers antitrust exemptions and immunities and litigation procedure.

Hovenkamp, Herbert, Federal Antitrust Policy : The Law of Competition and Its Practice. 4th ed. St. Paul, MN : West, 2016 [KF1649 .H68 2016] (Reserve Room) [Available electronically via West Academic to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

Federal Antitrust Policy is designed to give the user a brief but comprehensive overview of antitrust law. It not only analyzes black letter law as it exists, but also provides policy arguments for alternatives.

Kintner, Earl W. et al. Federal Antitrust Law. Cincinnati : Anderson Pub. Co., 1980 (2018 Supplement) [KF1649 .K52 1980] [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This source includes intensive analysis and discussion of 75 years of Federal Trade Commission work in addition to comprehensive analysis of the development and current status of antitrust law.

Von Kalinowski, Julian O. et al. Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation. Newark, NJ : Matthew Bender, 1981- [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

Designed to keep attorneys up to date on the latest developments in antitrust laws and trade regulations, this is a practice-oriented treatise. It includes analysis of type of antitrust violations as well as defenses to each, discussion of transactions impacted by particular acts, and examination of Federal Trade Commission and Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice procedures among others. The treatise examines federal law as well as law from all 50 states and some international framework.

Wilson, James A. et al. State Antitrust Law. Arlington, VA : Bureau of National Affairs, 2003- [Available electronically via Bloomberg Law to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

Part of the Corporate Practice Series portfolios, this BNA resource provides detailed analysis of state antitrust law, including discussion on the interplay with federal laws, monopolies, horizontal and vertical restraints, mergers and acquisitions, predatory pricing and antitrust immunities.

Altman, Louis and Pollack, Malla. Callmann on Unfair Competition, Trademarks, and Monopolies. 4th ed. New York, NY : Thomson Reuters, 1981- (2019 update) [KF1609 .C33] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

This treatise provides a comprehensive analysis of the law of unfair competition as it relates to trademarks (registrability and infringement), passing-off, trade secrets, misappropriations, price discrimination, predatory pricing, monopolies, and more. 

Pridgen, Dee. Consumer Protection and the Law. Eagan, MN : Thomson West, 2003- (2019 update) [KF1609 .P75] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

This is a step-by-step guide covering topics such as consumer protection laws related to advertising, sales practices, unfair and deceptive trade practices, consumer fraud, and product warranties. It covers the UCC and the Magnuson-Moss Act; federal and FTC law, including "Little FTC Acts," surveys each topic through analysis of its administration, procedures, remedies, and litigation strategies, and reviews common law, state consumer protection laws, federal odometer laws, home and car sales, and warranties of habitability. 

Areeda, Phillip E. and Hovenkamp, Herbert. Fundamentals of Antitrust Law. 4th ed. New York, NY : Aspen Publishers, 2011- (2020 update) [KF1649 .F86]. 

This hands-on guide to antitrust provides guidance on developing litigation strategy, counseling clients on compliance, represetnign clietns before regulators, and advising on mergers and acquisitions; confidently advise clients on Sherman Act compliance, Hart Scott Rodino, distribution and pricing issues, and complex commercial litigation.