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Legal Treatises by Subject

In this guide you will find general resources for various fields of law arranged alphabetically.

Corporation Law

Blumberg, Phillip I. Blumberg on Corporate Groups. New York, NY : Aspen Publishers, 2005- [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty].

This resource examines state and federal judicial and statutory law that affects many corporate groups, with particular emphasis on the interrelationships between various entities. Topics covered include: jurisdiction, practice and procedure, bankruptcy, general statutory law, and franchising and other relational law.

Cox, James D., and Hazen, Thomas Lee. The Law of Corporations. St. Paul, MN : West/Thompson Reuters, 2010- (2018-19 Supplement) [KF1414 .C69 2010] (Reserve Room) [Available online via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This major treatise aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of all areas of corporate law. The authors analyze judicial and statutory approaches to corporate law in the historical setting as well as modern day. Model Business Corporation Act and non-Model Act jurisdictions are examined.

Fletcher, William Meade. Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations. Eagan, MN : Thomson/West Group, 2006- [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

A preeminent treatise on corporate law, this treatise is written as a comprehensive guide to state and federal corporate law. It covers the entire range of legal issues that can face a corporation during its life cycle, including creation and dissolution, crimes, stock and stockholder issues, taxation, and the various powers of corporations as legal entities among many others.

Robinson, Russell M., II. Robinson on North Carolina Corporation Law. 7th ed. Newark, NJ : LexisNexis/Matthew Bender, 2002- (2018 Supplement) [KFN7613 .R62 7th] (Reserve Room) [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This resource combines treatise-like analysis of corporation law in North Carolina -- including case law and statutory analysis -- with forms of a variety of corporate legal documents. Forms range from document templates to collections of sample language to be used to invoke particular legal constructs.

Snyder, James E., Jr. Snyder North Carolina Corporation Law and Practice. 4th ed. Eagan, MN : Thomson West, 2003- (2018 Supplement) [KFN7613 .N67 2003] [Available online via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This resource contains a variety of business forms for everything from incorporation to settlements and release agreements. Beyond corporate forms, there are forms for other business entities, including: Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Registered Limited Liability Limited Partnerships, Professional Corporations, Professional Limited Liability Companies, General Partnerships and Cooperative Associations.

Balotti, R. Franklin and Finkelstein, Jesse A. The Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations. 3rd ed. New York, NY : Wolters Kluwer, 2017- [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

This comprehensive guide covers all the necessary aspects of establishing and operating corporations, as well as other business entities and organizations in Delaware. Included are full discussions of Delaware court cases and the statutory framework underlying Delaware corporations and business. 

Ginsburg, Martin D. et al. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Buyouts. New York, NY : Wolters Kluwer, 1995- (2019 update) [KF6499. C6 M47] [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

This treatise provides clear step-by-step guidance and insightful deal-making strategies with proven methods for structuring transactions. Numerous real-life examples, as well as checklists and flow charts are also provided. 

Lorne, Simon M. and Bryan, Joy Marlene. Acquisitions & Mergers : Negotiated and Contested Transactions. Eagan, MN : Thomson/West, 2001- [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

This treatise includes cutting-edge techniques and expert guidance to help you advise boards of directors, master proxy contests, tender offers, and leveraged buyout transactions, analyze the impact of state and federal regulatory concerns on any deal, and comply with the complex rules that govern tender offers. 

Cox, James D. and Hazen, Thomas Lee. Business Organizations Law. 4th ed. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2016 [KF1414 .C692 2016] (Reserve Room) [Available electronically via West Academic to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

This one-volume treatise provides clear, succinct, descriptions of the reasoning and policy issues underlying corporate law that is accessible to law students with no business or economic background. The 2016 edition is thoroughly updated to include recent U.S. Supreme Court, Delaware adn other leading decisions and regulatory developments that impact the fiduciary obligations and duties in corporate transactions, governance, and management of corporations and LLCs.