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Legal Treatises by Subject

In this guide you will find general resources for various fields of law arranged alphabetically.

Immigration Law

Fragomen, Austin T. et al. Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice. 5th ed. New York : Practicing Law Institute, 2015- (2019 update) [KF4819.3 .F72] [Available electronically via PLI Plus to UNC Students and Faculty].

This practice-oriented text is designed as a concise guide to legal issues in immigration for students and faculty, but may also be useful for attorneys looking for guidance on rules and procedures of immigration cases.

Gallagher, Anna Marie et al. Immigration Law Service. 2nd ed. St. Paul, MN : Thomson/West, 2004- (2019 Supplement) [KF4815 .I47 2nd] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This practice-oriented, multi-volume text is designed to be a comprehensive guide for immigration law and practice. It contains explanation and analysis as well as strategic advice for dealing with particular immigration law issues and extensive primary law sections.

Gordon, Charles et al. Immigration Law and Procedure. New York, NY : M. Bender, 1993- [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

Immigration Law and Procedure is an authoritative treatise on all aspects of immigration law. The authors combine extensive primary law with detailed analysis on many topics of immigration, including the processes of immigration, deportation, nationality, and citizenship.

Ignatius, Sarah et al. Immigration Law and the Family. Eagan, MN: West, 2011- (2019 Supplement) [KF4819 .I36] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This treatise focuses on immigration law as it impacts families in particular. Topics discussed include: the preference system, obtaining permanent residence through family relationships, immigration based on marriage, documenting and filing the visa petition, adoption and orphan cases, and derivative beneficiaries and special cases.

Kurzban, Ira J. Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook : A Comprehensive Outline and Reference Tool. 14th ed. Washington, DC : American Immigration Council, 2014 [KF4819.3 .K87].

Kurzban’s sourcebook contains quick synopses of the many sources of immigration law. It includes subject index, table of cases, and tables of authorities to assist attorneys in finding answers to complex immigration law questions.

​Steel, Richard D. Steel on Immigration Law. St. Paul, MN : West, 2011- [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This treatise covers a number of immigration law topics, providing detailed analysis of procedure as well as law. Some of the topics include the structure of immigration law, immigrating for particular reasons, admission and exclusion procedures, and criminal and civil penalties for immigration law violations.

Fragomen, Austin T., Jr. et al. Immigration Law & Business. St. Paul, MN : Thomson Reuters, 2010- [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

Through definitive guidance and a wide selection of sample forms, this treatise addresses the immigration concerns of corporations and other businesses. It provides in-depth coverage of immigration legislation and its impact upon immigration practice. 

Fragomen, Austin T., Jr. et al. Immigration Procedures Handbook. New York, NY : C. Boardman, 1985- (2019-2020 update) [KF4819 .I47] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

This treatise contains explanations of how, where, and why to present specific types of petitions and applications under today's immigration laws. This detailed sourcebook also contains analysis of current law, as well as recent changes that affect immigration practice and procedure, to assist you in determining the most effective method of proceeding with a case.