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Legal Treatises by Subject

In this guide you will find general resources for various fields of law arranged alphabetically.


Corbin, Arthur L. Corbin on Contracts. St. Paul, MN : West Pub. Co., 1993- (2019 Supplement) [KF801 .C77 1993] [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This treatise extensively discusses the general issues of the law of contracts at all stages with citation to relevant court cases and primary material. It covers contract formation, statute of frauds, interpretation, construction and legal operation of contract, third party rights, breach of contract, discharge and impossibility, and contracts contrary to public policy among other topics.

Farnsworth, E. Allan. Contracts. 4th ed. New York : Aspen Publishers, 2004- [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

Farnsworth on Contracts is a major treatise on all areas of contract law, from formation to breach and remedies, with citations to case law, UCC provisions, other statutory law, and even the constitution.

Hunter, Howard O. Modern Law of Contracts. Eagan, MN : West, 2011- (2019 Supplement) [KF836 .Z9 H851] [Available Electronically via WestlawNext to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This contract treatise covers a range of contract situations, and offers analysis of all stages of contracts from offer and acceptance to remedies in the event of breach. It also covers assignment of contracts, third party beneficiaries, and employment relationships. The final chapters discuss the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and UNIDOIRT Principles of International Commercial Transactions.

Hutson, John N. et al. North Carolina Contract Law. New York : LEXIS, 2001- (2019 Supplement) [KFN7550 .H88 2001] (Reserve Room)[Available Electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

As the title suggests, this treatise focuses on the contract law of North Carolina, a state with a deep common law contract history. The treatise can be divided into two parts. The first deals with formation and enforcement of contracts under NC Common Law and cites primarily to court decisions (NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals). The second discusses contracts for the sale of goods under Article 2 of NC’s Uniform Commercial Code and cites to a broader range of sources.

​Williston, Samuel. A Treatise on the Law of Contracts. 4th ed. Richard A. Lord, editor. Rochester, NY : Lawyers Cooperative, 1990- (2019 Supplement) [KF801 .W53 1990].

Written to be a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of contract law, this treatise’s 79 chapters cover everything from definitions of terms and offer and acceptance to statute of frauds, and impracticability. Particular types of contracts are examined, including contracts of insurance, employment, carriage by sea and air, and contracts for sale.

Farnsworth, E. Allan and Wolfe, Zachary. Farnsworth on Contracts. 4th ed. New York, NY : Wolters Kluwer, 1990- [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

This treatise answers questions in hundreds of important areas of Contract law, including good faith and fair dealing, pre-contractual liability, agreements to negotiate, the Vienna Convention on International Sales Contracts, UNIDROIT principles, constitutional issues, settlement of disputed claims by check, options and rights of first refusal, employee handbooks, covenants not to compete, and self-help measures. 

Williston, Samuel and Lord, Richard A. Williston on Contracts. 4th ed. Rochester, NY : Lawyers Cooperative, 1990- (2019 update) [KF801 .W53] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This treatise covers and analyzes every aspect of contract law, including historical underpinnings, majority and minority views, and current trends. It traces contract law from its common-law roots in English cases and shows how it has evolved to meet contemporary concerns. 

Hunter, Howard O. and Rowley, Keith A. Modern Law of Contracts. Rev. ed. Eagan, MN : Thomson Reuters, 2011- (2019 update) [KF836.Z9 H851] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

Written in clear and precise language for practicing attorneys, this treatise covers all aspects of contract law. It emphasizes recurring practical problems and the major differences between contracts governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and those covered by common law.