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Legal Treatises by Subject

In this guide you will find general resources for various fields of law arranged alphabetically.


New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition. Jeffrey E. Thomas, editor-in-chief. New Providence, NJ: LexisNexis, 2009- (2019 Supplement) [KF1164 .A76 2009] [Available electronically via Lexis+ to UNC Law Students and Faculty]. 

Gradually replacing the older Holmes’ Appleman on Insurance 2d, this work continues the trend of bringing together complex and varied areas that make up “insurance law.” The multi-volume treatise contains introductory volumes for background, and substantive volumes covering different types of insurance and regulation of insurance.

Best, Franklin L. Life and Health Insurance Law. St. Paul, MN : Thomson Reuters, 2010- [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This quick reference treatise is designed for attorneys’ use, and covers all aspects of life & health insurance matters through analysis of state and federal laws, regulations and court opinions. It details issues and obligations of parties that emerge throughout the cycle of insurance coverage—from application and enrollment through maintaining coverage and claims administration—and applies law and principles to common and unusual fact patterns.

Keeton, Robert E. et al. Insurance law : A Guide to Fundamental Principles, Legal doctrines, and Commercial Practices. 2nd ed. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017 [KF1164 .K376 2017] (Reserve Room) [Available electronically via West Academic to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This student-centered treatise explains the fundamental principles and doctrines of insurance law. Several chapters delve into particular applications of those principles in order to fully explain them. It spans a wide range of topics, from conceptualization of insurance and marketing to risk, claims and disputes.

Plitt, Steven et al. Couch on Insurance. 3rd ed. Deerfield, IL : Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1995- [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

A preeminent treatise, Couch on Insurance comprehensively covers issues relating to insurance law with analysis and citation to relevant primary law.

Snyder, James E. Snyder North Carolina Automobile Insurance Law. 3rd ed. Suwanee, GA : Harrison Co., 1999- (2019 Supplement) [KFN7591.A4 S69 1999] [Available electronically via Westlaw to UNC Law Students and Faculty].

This narrow NC treatise covers topics such as insurance contracts, liability coverage, medical payments coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and insurance premiums. It also contains form complaints and release agreements, among others, as well as a standard automobile policy sample.

Stempel, Jeffrey W. and Knutsen, Erik S. Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Contracts. 4th Edition. New York : Wolters Kluwer, 2016- [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

Designed to be used by attorneys for both policyholders and insurance companies, this treatise covers topics from the basic concepts of insurance to complex issues relevant today. It is a practice-oriented treatise which discusses coverage, specific types of policies, employment, defective construction, computer and cyber losses, litigation and many other areas.

Ostrager, Barry R. and Newman, Thomas R. Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes. 19th ed. New York, NY : Wolters Kluwer, 1990- [Available electronically via VitalLaw to UNC Students and Faculty]. 

Cited as authority by the U.S. Supreme Court, the circuit courts, and important state courts, this handbook gives a thorough analysis of every aspect of coverage litigation. This treatise discusses allocation of defense costs among insurers, the insurer's duty to defend, the trigger and scope of occurrence-based coverage, hazardous waste/environmental cleanup litigation, excess insurance, notice requirements, bad faith and wrongful refusals to settle, and reinsurance.